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Lenovo Flex System

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Lenovo Flex System FC3171 8Gb SAN Switch (69Y1930)

279.000.000,00 ₫
  • Internal ports:
    • 14 internal full-duplex 8 Gb FC ports
    • Internal ports operate as F_ports (fabric ports) on the FC3171 8Gb SAN Switch
    • Internal ports operate as TH_Ports (transparent host ports) on the FC3171 8Gb SAN Pass-thru
    • Two internal full-duplex 1 GbE ports connected to the chassis management module
  • External ports:
    • Six external ports for 8 Gb SFP+ transceivers supporting 4 Gb and 8 Gb port speeds (SFP+ modules are not included and must be purchased separately - see Table 2)
    • External ports can operate as F_ports (fabric ports), FL_ports (fabric loop ports), or E_ports (expansion ports) on the FC3171 8Gb SAN Switch
    • External ports operate as TF_Ports (Transparent Fabric Ports) on the FC3171 8Gb SAN Pass-thru
    • One external 100 Mb Fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX) port with RJ-45 connector for switch configuration and management
    • One RS-232 serial port (mini-USB connector) that provides an additional means to configure the switch module