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SAS Cables - External

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SFF-8088 (host) to 4 ESATA fanout cable 1M

3.060.000,00 ₫

External Mini-SAS to eSATA cable attaches to external storage devices with standard (I-type) eSATA port.

SFF-8088 to 4xSFF-8088 Fanout External SAS Cable 1M

5.490.000,00 ₫

Multilane miniSAS cable, one SFF-8088 with four channels to four SFF-8088 with a single channel each. Attach 4 miniSAS devices (suh as tape drives) to a single SFF-8088 host connector.

SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 External SAS Cable 1M

1.980.000,00 ₫

Multilane miniSAS cable, 6G rated, commonly used between rackmount enclosures and SAS controllers. Standard length.

SFF-8088 to SFF-8470 External SAS Cable 1M

2.025.000,00 ₫

Multilane Infiniband SFF-8470 to miniSAS SFF-8088. Connect newer SAS cards to direct-connect tower enclosures.

SFF-8470 to SFF-8470 External SAS Cable 1M

2.115.000,00 ₫

Infiniband multilane cable with thumbscrew connectors on each end. Most comonly used length, 3.3ft.

SFF-8644 to 2xSFF-8088 SAS Fanout Cable 1M

5.535.000,00 ₫

Attach two miniSAS devices to one SFF-8644 host connector.