Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California that develops and markets networking products. Wikipedia
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Founded: February 6, 1996
Revenue: 4.63 billion USD (2014)
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Juniper Firewall SRX100H2

  • SRX100H2 SRX services gateway 100 with 8xFE ports with 2GB DRAM and 2GB Flash. External power supply and cord included.
  • SVC-COR-SRX100 Juniper Care Core Support for SRX100
11.750.000 ₫

Juniper Firewall SRX210HE2

  • SRX210HE2 SRX services gateway 210 with 2xGE + 6xFE ports, 1xmini-PIM slot, 2GB DRAM and 2GB Flash. External power supply and power cord included
  • SVC-COR-SRX210 Juniper Care Core Support for SRX210
25.800.000 ₫

Juniper Firewall SRX220H2

  • SRX220H2 SRX services gateway 220 with 8 x GE ports, 2xmini-PIM slots, 2GB DRAM and 2GB CF. External power supply and cord included
  • SVC-COR-SRX220 Juniper Care Core Support for SRX220
24.750.000 ₫

Juniper Firewall SRX240H2

  • SRX240H2 SRX services gateway 240 with 16 x GE ports, 4xmini-PIM slots, 2 GB DRAM and 2 GB FLASH. Integrated power supply with power cord. 19" Rack mount kit incl
  • SVC-COR-SRX240 Juniper Care Core Support for SRX240
48.100.000 ₫

Juniper Networks SRX300 Services Gateway

  • SRX300 Services Gateway with 4G RAM, 8G eUSB, 8x1GE (w 2x SFP) on-board ports and external power supply adapter. Passive cooling design SRX300-JSB Juniper Secure Branch Software with Firewall, NAT, IPSec, Routing and Switching Services (must order SRX300 to complete the system)
  • SVC-ND-SRX300 Juniper Care Next Day Support for SRX300 (SOFTWARE SUPPORT IS NOT INCLUDED, must be purchased separately)
19.895.000 ₫