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Dell PowerVault ME5012 Storage Array

  • 1x Dell ME5012 Storage Array
  • 1x 12Gb SAS 8 Port Dual Controller
  • 12x 4TB HDD SAS ISE 12Gbps 7.2K 512n 3.5in Hot-Plug
  • 1x Rack Rails 2U
  • 1x ME Series 2U Bezel
  • 1x Power Supply, 580W, Redundant, WW
  • 2x Jumper Cord - C13/C14, 4M, 250V, 10A
  • 1x ProSupport and 4-hour Mission Critical-ACDTS, 36 Month(s)
  • 1x Parts Only Warranty 36 Months-ACDTS, 36 Month(s)
Manufacturer: Dell
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Picture of a Dell PowerVault ME5 Storage on a light gray background.

Greater performance and scalability for a diverse set of high-value small to medium-sized business workloads.

PowerVault ME5 is a block-level entry storage platform with a dual-active controller architecture — optimized for SAN and DAS — ideal for high-performance computing, databases, small-scale VDI, security workloads and much more.

All-inclusive software simplicity

PowerVault ME5 provides features that simplify tasks such as system installation, configuration, and serviceability enabling IT generalists to manage resources more efficiently and focus on the bigger picture.

Intuitive web-based (HTML5) management
Simple to order with all-inclusive software
Configurable in minutes
Easily expandable
Picture of a Dell PowerVault ME5 Storage.

All-inclusive software innovation

PowerVault ME5 storage arrays deliver all the software you’ll need to store, manage and protect your data:
  • ADAPT (Distributed RAID): Improved data protection functionality that delivers faster drive rebuild times
  • Thin Provisioning: Allocate and consume physical storage capacity as needed in disk pools
  • Snapshots: Easily recover data with point-in-time copies
  • Replication: Replicate data to any global location and PowerVault ME storage system
  • Volume Copy: Enables seamless volume relocation and disk-based backup and recovery
  • SSD Read Cache: Increase execution speed of applications by caching previously read data
  • 3-Level Auto-tiering: Optimizes data performance with less expense
  • Virtualization integration: Integrate ME5 arrays with VMware vSphere and vCenter SRM and Microsoft Hyper-V
Optimized for SAN and DAS
Optimized for SAN and DAS
PowerVault ME5 is purpose-built and optimized for SAN and DAS workloads. Connecting the PowerVault ME5 to a Dell PowerEdge server to address the challenges of server capacity expansion or to a SAN for flexibility and scalability ensures that business applications will always get high-speed and reliable access to their data – without compromise.
  • Direct-attach to Dell PowerEdge servers
  • Consolidate SAN storage
Protect your data
Protect your data
Keep your valuable information safe with these PowerVault ME5 features:
  • Replication: Replicate data to any global location with either ME4 or ME5 target arrays and support for mirroring and thin-provisioned pools.
  • Snapshots: Easily recover files after accidental deletion or alteration with Re-direct-on-Write snapshot copies.
  • Virtual Disk Copy (VDC): Enable quick and seamless virtual disk relocation and disk-based backup and recovery with a full, replicated copy of source data.
  • Self-encrypting drives (SEDs): Render data useless to unauthorized users with drive-level encryption, even if the drive has been removed from the enclosure.
Greater performance and capacity
Greater performance and capacity
PowerVault ME5, with faster Intel® Xeon® processors, dual-active controllers and a robust operating environment delivers:
  • Up to 640K IOPs performance
  • 12GB/s Sequential Read & 10GB/s Sequential Write throughput
  • Up to 6.72PB capacity (Firmware is designed to support up to 8PB)
  • 12Gb SAS backend for rapid capacity expansion
  • ME5 firmware is designed to support up to 8PB as higher drive capacities are validated
Simple to navigate and configure, PowerVault ME5 is easy to provision and manage from anywhere, anytime with an intelligent, HTML5 web-based GUI. PowerVault Manager also helps alert you to identify problems and identify and resolve issues quicker.
Simplified management

Simplified management

Easily configure, provision and manage PowerVault ME5 from anywhere, anytime with an intelligent, HTML5 web-based GUI. PowerVault Manager also helps alert you to identify problems and identify and resolve issues quicker. 

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CloudIQ Storage Analytics

CloudIQ is Dell’s cloud-based AIOps application that uses telemetry, machine learning, and predictive analytics to provide PowerVault ME5 proactive health notifications, remediation advice, capacity projections, reclaimable storage identification, and more. CloudIQ is available with Dell ProSupport and ProSupport Plus services for Dell infrastructure systems at no additional cost.

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Speed data recovery with ADAPT

PowerVault ME5 ADAPT software protects data by dynamically distributing it across pools of drives. In the event of a drive failure, ADAPT will identify the critical data and dynamically rebalance the data so the array can return to an optimal state faster than it would in the typical RAID environment.

Saves time and money
Faster drive rebuilds
Supports up to 1PB capacity or up to 128 drives