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Dell Precision Tower 7920 Workstation W-3225

  • Intel Xeon W-3225 3.70GHz, 8C, 8GT/s, 16.5M Cache, Turbo, HT (160W) DDR4-2666
  • 128GB (2x 64GB) DDR4 2933MHz RDIMM ECC Memory
  • AMD Radeon Pro W5700, 8 GB GDDR6, 5 mDP, USB-C
  • 1.92 TB, 2.5-inch, SATA, SSD, AG-Enterprise Class
  • Integrated Intel AHCI SATA chipset controller (8x 6.0Gb/s), SW RAID 0,1,5,10
  • Integrated: Intel i219 & i210 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Slots: 2 PCIe x16; 2 Additional x16 slots with 2nd CPU; 1 PCIe x8 open ended; 1 x16 wired as x 4; 1 x16 wired as x1
  • Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard English Black & Dell MS116 Wired Mouse Black
  • Storage: 4 x 3.5-inch SAS/SATA (HDD/SSDs)
  • DVD+/-RW
  • Power Supply: 1400W –90% efficient (80PLUS Gold Certified) 
  • Chassis: Dell Precision Tower
  • OS License: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (6 cores, Includes Windows 11 Pro License)
  • Warranty: 3 years ProSupport 
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Chia sẻ sản phẩm:

Operating System

With Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – for a smooth, versatile PC experience.
Intelligent performance

Intelligent performance

The Precision 7920 Tower combines versatile design and ultimate storage scalability to grow with your vision no matter where it takes you.

Next gen performance
: Power through your most complex and demanding applications quickly and efficiently with a new generation of dual-socket performance. Featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family with up to 28 cores per processor or a total of 56 cores when customized with Dual processors.
Room for everything: With up to 3TB of 2666 MHz RDIMM/LRDIMM expandable memory, you can accelerate your workflow without slowdown. Now with a 6-channel memory architecture up to 3.0 TB total with select CPUs (requires dual processors).
Stay cool under pressure: Featuring a new multichannel thermal design for advanced cooling and acoustics- for a quieter overall system under heavy workloads.
No project is too big: Work with more flexibility thanks to a new FlexBay design with up to 10x2.5"/3.5" SATA/SAS drives or up to 4x M.2 or U.2 PCIe NVMe SSD. With the hot-swap feature on the M.2 and U.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs, you can remove drives without shutting down the workstation.

Groundbreaking innovation

Stay flexible with ultimate scalability: Featuring a FlexBay design, front access, hot swappable storage and multichannel thermals to keep it cool under pressure, the Precision 7920 Tower combines versatile design and ultimate storage scalability to grow with your vision no matter where it takes you.

As adaptable as you are: There is no limit to your potential on this machine designed for the future. Your Precision workstation is ready for complex projects, including virtual reality workflows, with the next generation AMD Radeon Pro™ and highest-performing NVIDIA Quadro® graphics.

A sight to behold: Your fixed workstation supports up to 900W of graphics power and up to 3 double width graphics cards up to 300W each including consumer cards.
Precision 7920
Tuned performance: Free with your Precision workstation, the Dell Precision Optimizer delivers faster application optimization with a single click compared to HP Advisor*. It also automatically tunes your workstation to run popular ISV applications at the fastest speeds possible, has automated system updates and provides analytics to address resource bottlenecks.

Premium customized performance: Upgrade to the new Dell Precision Optimizer premium version, the world’s first AI-based performance optimizer software for workstations*. This program learns the behavior of any user-specified applications, identifies optimization opportunities using machine learning and applies performance improvements.

Mission critical reliability

Stay safe, stay secure

Stay safe, stay secure

Reduce downtime with Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro. Designed to work with ECC memory, RMT protects your machine from potential crashes by mapping out bad memory locations after the system reboots.
Reliably access your data

Reliably access your data

Improve the availability of your data with hardware and software optional RAID storage options including PCIe NVMe SSDs.
Your work can count on it

Your work can count on it

Precision Workstations are tested to ensure the high-performance applications you rely on every day run smoothly. Dell ISV-certifications cover the most popular independent software applications.
Precision 7920 Workstation - Ports & Slots

Ports & Slots

1. Power button/Power light | 2. Drive activity light | 3. SD card slot | 4. USB 3.0 ports | 5. USB 3.0 Type-C port with PowerShare | 6. USB 3.0 Type-C port | 7. Headset port | 8. Drive access release latch | 9. Expansion card slots | 10. 5.25 inch bay (optional) | 11. Optical drive | 12. Power cable connector | 13. USB 3.0 ports | 14. Drive carriers | 15. Discrete graphics card slot (optional) | 16. Security cable slot | 17. Padlock ring | 18. Line-out port | 19. Microphone/Line-in port | 20. Serial port | 21. PS/2 Mouse port | 22. PS/2 Keyboard port | 23. Network port (managed optionally) | 24. Network port | 25. USB 3.0 port (supports smart Power-On) | 26. Expansion card slots
Precision 7920 Workstation - Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight

1. Height: 17.05” (433 mm) | 2. Width: 8.58” (218 mm) | 3. Depth: 22.29” (566 mm) | Weight: 45.0 lb (20.4kg)